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Martin Strel Speaking Tour in Switzerland

The only man in the world who has swum 5 greatest rivers on the planet, including the Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi, Parana and Danube, four times Guinness world record breaker and unique individual Martin Strel (Big River Man) is coming to Switzerland.
Martin´s motto is "Swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters". Switzerland is one of cleanest countries in the world.
Martin Strel is appearing in Switzerland where he is presenting his ultra marathon swimming adventures during January and February 2013 in 20 different towns. The multi-media show is called Amazonas Schwimmer and is made in co-production with Swiss Multivision company dia.ch which is run by Corrado Filipponi, a long time expedition partner of Martin Strel. 
If you enjoy seeing world´s greatest adventurers stories, then this show is a must for you. Martin Strel speaks LIVE with Corrado Filipponi.

To see tour dates and other details in german language please visit dia.ch website.

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