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Booking Information

Once you book our trip you will receive the following:
- Booking Confirmation Email
- Trip and Travel Information
- Meeting Point and Time
- Training Plan
- Insurance Requirements

Methods of Payment

1) Online
The easiest way is to pay via our online secure booking system. At the time of booking, you must either pay (i) the total published holiday price or (ii) a deposit of 20% of the published holiday price, with the balance of the published holiday price payable 60 days before the start of your holiday.  For all bookings made less than 30 days before the start of your holiday, you must pay the published holiday price at the time of booking.

We accept the following credit/debit cards for all bookings: Visa, Visa-Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Activa and American Express. Please note that all payments made on a credit or debit card (whether deposits, part payments or final balances) will be subject to a 2.50% surcharge. Once payment has been received and processed, your booking is confirmed and we will send our email booking confirmation to you.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

You may pay the balance of the published holiday price, payable 60 days before the start of your holiday, by credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Full details will be provided on your payment request.

Credit Card Processing

My payment has been rejected by your payment gateway terminal.  What can I do and can you help me?

We outsource our payment gateway and it should work uninterrupted at all times. It does happen sometimes that your card gets rejected and you contact us if we can help.  In such case,  please first contact your issuing card provider-bank and explain them that you are trying to pay swimming holiday online. We are a verified merchant for several years and receive payments from worldwide customers.  At most times your card is rejected due security ´Denied by Risk´ parameter which does not allow you to pay such transaction online.  Or you may have exceeded your monthy limit

2) Bank transfer
You may pay the deposit or full published holiday price by bank transfer. Please send us an email at  with the trip you want to book and we will provide you with the relevant information.

3) Telephone
You may also book the trip by telephone. We will ask you for your credit or debit card information. Please call us on +41 79 680 2038 (Schweiz) or +44 77 0006 1236  (UK) .

All online booking payments and transactions are made via secure payment gateways (USA-Authorize.Net, Europe-Intesa Sanpaolo Card) and settled at our partner banks, Chase Bank in the USA and Banka Koper d.d., Europe. We do not store any credit or debit card information. To make a payment you will be redirected to bank´s Payment Gateway which is a secure website (SSL-Secure Socket Layer) dedicated to our booking system.

More information about:
Chase Bank (USA)
Authorize.net (USA Gateway)
Bank of Koper (Europe)
Intesa Sanpaolo (European Gateway)

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